Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can You Survive The Wasteland Weekend On Sept. 23-25?

For those readers who like their apocalyptic roleplaying a bit more...well...REAL, you'll be interested in the following press release I found in my Inbox:

Correction: The Apocalypse Is Coming September 23-25, 2011

The Judgement Day cultists may have been wrong about May 21st, but the apocalypse IS coming. And it’s going to feature lots of young Californians in mohawks and leather.

Experience the Apocalypse Sept 23rd–25th at Wasteland Weekend 2011, a 3-day post-apocalyptic party in the Southern California desert. Slated to occur in the Mojave desert north of Los Angeles, the costumes-mandatory event promises to build on the success of Wasteland Weekend 2010, an event which brought out some 400 people, was covered by G4 and the Associated Press, and was honored by a special acknowledgement from Mad Max film franchise director, George Miller.

Wasteland Weekend features themed vehicles, post-apocalyptic sports, Bartertown vendors and hundreds of impressively costumed attendees. Nightfall brings live music, stunt shows, metal grinders and fire dancers. This year, the organizers already expect the turn-out to double, and are adding live bands, a Thunderdome for combat, and bigger and better set pieces as they progress towards a 360-degree immersive post-apocalyptic environment. For details, visit www.wastelandweekend.com.

And here are a few photos that were sent along. Looks like an incredibly fun time.

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