Monday, July 4, 2011

Mutated Musings From The Blogosphere

While traipsing through the Web, I've stumbled across an interesting cross section of recent Mutant Future blog-posts I think will be of interest to regular readers of TSAW. And here we go:

German Edition Of Mutant Future Underway:

Came across this blog item at Von Der Seifenkiste Herab. I apologize for anything lost in the translation, as I'm using Yahoo Babel Fish to give me a rough idea as to the blog's post. So -- roughly -- it seems there was an earlier attempt to translate the game into German that fell through. However, Marc B. and Moritz feel that Mutant Future is "too cool" to not have a German version. According to the post, Goblinoid Games is aware of the work-in-progress, so it'll be interesting to see what transpires! Good luck with the translation!

Mutant Future Retro Character Sheet Available:

Il Male over at The Yaqqothl Grimoire has designed a new character sheet for Mutant Future which emulates the style and "feel" of the original Gamma World. Love the font used for the game name at the top. And I believe all character sheets should have a mandatory character sketch box. Go grab it here.

Different Mutant Futures

Over at Aeons & Augauries, blog-meister JDJarvis is working on a series of posts describing Different Mutant Futures. The series will examine different ways mankind could fall and the world that occur result from those "other apocalypses." The first new future is "Atomic Zombie Apocalypse" which posits that The End occurred in the late 1950s, and not due to The Bomb, but by The Undead. Go check out Part 1 and Part 2.

It's Not Junk; It's Money!

At Blog of Holding, Paul discussed all of the interesting (and dangerous) Omega Tech found in the Gamma World setting, but asked what of all of the Ancient Artifacts and useless items found strewn all over the landscape? What good is all of this junk? Pauls's solution is simple: "Ancient artifacts are currency." He describes a bartering system used in his game where you can get something you want (say, fuel for your motorcycle or ammunition) if you can get someone sufficiently interested in the Ancient He-Man lunchbox you dug up. I love this idea, as it would give players a chance for some real roleplaying as they try to "sell” the importance of a stapler (a microwire-bender, probably used for electronics repair) or a box of paper clips (a build-it-yourself chain kit).

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  1. Even as a kid, I NEVER liked the Domar exchange rate in Gamma World.

    So in my current MF campaign, I've been going with that last option--everything is barter-based, with the closest things to cash being CDs/DVDs and credit cards.