Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Newest Thing At Gen Con...?

That "thing" would be me. :) The photo above was taken about 30 minutes ago from the entrance to The Indy Con Center. Got my badge. Got my tickets. Got my GM stuff in order. And I'm now resting in my room, pouring over the program, and thinking about lunch.

Quick story: This was not going to be my first Gen Con. Back in '86, I was fresh out of high school and seriously into all things AD&D. Gen Con was a pilgramage all 80's gamers wanted to take, and so I and three of my friends planned to hit it in 1986. Took a lot of begging before my parents agreed that I could make the trip. One friend was going to drive, another was taking care of the hotel. I ordered my badge and tickets (through the MAIL, which took 6 to 8 weeks) and began saving up all year for the event. This was to be one of the nerd-cred milestones of my life.

A week before departure, I kept trying to get the guys together so we could hammer out the plan of attack. Does Joe (not his real name) need money for gas? Ralph (not his real name) hadn't told us which hotel he had booked. I was trying to get answers from folks who were hedging.

Of course, I found out 3 days prior to leaving (when I was in a blind panic for lack of info) that the others weren't serious about going. It was nothing more than a "bar fantasy" to them. ("Hey, if we buy a bar, we can run it, and drink there, and it'll be COOL.") Turns out I was the only one who actually committed money and resources to the trip.

Of course, I didn't go as I didn't have a car...or a booked room...or the wherewithall to travel alone. So I threw out the unused badge and tickets. Never really tried again as I was somewhat soured on prepping for a trip of that size that depended on others' participation.

So, January of this year, I bought my badge and booked my room. And right now, as I hammer out this post, I'm sitting in my Gen Con hotel room and looking at my Gen Con badge. It took me 20+ years, but I finally made it here. Time to make up for lost time.

I'll be sharing my adventure with you folks for the next few days. I'll try to keep it "Mutant Futurey," but there will be a lot of general nerdgasms as well.

/80's fist pump

ETA: Walked across the street and hit The Ram for lunch -- a well-known Gen Con gamer hangout. Ate an incredible chicken sandwich (BBQ, onion straws, and cole slaw) while watching Serenity on the big screens throughout the bar. Unlike my under-21 doppleganger from 1986, this Sniderman can drink. And I did. Feelin' fine. ;) Gonna go hit The Gen Con Stink tonight before calling it a night.


  1. Glad you finally made it! Have a great time.

  2. Good story - thanks for sharing! I'm at my first GenCon, too. Here's to fun for both of us!

  3. Very cool, keep the Gen Con updates coming!

  4. I think you owe it to that under 21 kid to drown his late 80s woes with lots of beer/ale/mead. Have fun. Congrats on completely what is essentially your decades long pilgrimage.