Thursday, February 11, 2010

[Thundarr Thursday] Ancient Armory: Shock Lance

Weapon: Shock Lance
Damage: 2d6+15, Stun
Attacks: 1
Range: N/A
Weight: 7 lbs.
Battery: N/A (if magical) or Beltpack
Charges: N/A (if magical) or 25

The Shock Lance is a magical weapon wielded by the Raiders of the Abyss during their human hunts. It appears like a long slender rod of bone or ivory, covered with deeply carved lines and veins. A Shock Lance is slightly longer than an Energy Baton and weighs slightly more.

When a Shock Lance strikes a victim, it does 2d6+15 hit points of damage. This damage will not penetrate a force screen however. Any attempt to hit a victim will count toward a discharge. Even more devastating is that a successful hit will also stun a victim for 1d6 rounds if a save versus stun attacks fails in the same manner as a Stun Baton. When a victim is immobilized in this manner, the Raider will then scoop up the collapsed human prey in a net, taking them back to the Abyss where they never return from.

In the Thundarr universe, magic co-exists with future technology. The Shock Lance is a magical weapon rather than a technological one. If magic exists in your Mutant Future campaign, then the Shock Lance does not have a battery to rely on for its energy purposes and it should have limitless charges to pull from. If, however, magic does not exist in your campaign, use the tech stats as described above.

NOTE: This weapon is inspired by the episode “Raiders of the Abyss” from the classic Ruby Spears post-apocalyptic cartoon “Thundarr the Barbarian". Stay tuned each week for “Thundarr Thursday”!

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  1. Nice item. The beauty of a mixed genre post apoc world is the possibility of running into all sorts of great stuff like this.