Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Photo Tour Of Abandoned Places

I stumbled across the Web site Abandoned Places quite some time ago and have been meaning to share this great resource. Photographer Henk van Rensbergen presents photo upon photo of decrepit structures, decaying buildings, derelict homes, disintegrating factories...you get the idea. Although these photos are not technically in a post-apocalyptic vein, the images are a haunting look at "What it could all look like one day." I've used one or two images to illustrate my Dangerous Encounters, and a look through these eerie pictures inspired a few as well.

Check out these beautifully eerie images for some post-apocalyptic "what-ifs": Abandoned Places


  1. Awesome link thanks! I could spend a whole day looking at that.

  2. Another fun site for PA games is http://www.artificialowl.net/ a collection of pictures of abandoned man made structures.