Thursday, December 31, 2009

Obligatory Top Ten Posts Of 2009 At The Savage AfterWorld

I use Google Analytics to keep tabs on this blog's hits as well as what entries were most popular/useful to the readers. (By the way, The Savage AfterWorld welcomed its 3,000th unique visitor last night!) Anyway, "Year In Review" blog posts are popping up everywhere today. But since this blog began in June, a full year isn't even in the bag yet. But I thought it'd be fun (and helpful) to post the Top Ten Blog Posts as determined by the number of unique hits they got as of today. So if you'd like to review the most-visited entries, just click through on the links to follow:

1. Apocalyptic Stormfront MEGA-Table - Posted a little more than a week ago, this table of 50 bizarre storms leaped to the top of the heap in no time.
2. [Thundarr Thursday] New Character Race: Mok - The second of my weekly Thundarr Thursday entries and the one that lets you play Ookla the Mok and others of his race.
3. Random Post-Apocalyptic Settlement and Junk Generators - Links and discussions of two incredibly helpful random "blasted earth" stuff generators I discovered online.
4. Savage Menagerie: Sharks With Frickin' Laser Beams Attached To Their Heads - What can I say? I'm a Dr. Evil fan.
5. [Thundarr Thursday] Show Yourself Wizard! - Another Thundarr Thursday post and the first in which I addressed the subject of magic in the Thundarr universe.
6. Search/Label/Thundarr - Less of an entry, but folks have clicked on the search feature to call up all Thundarr-related posts. Thundarr Thursdays are very popular around here. I get a spike in hits each Thursday.
7. [Thundarr Thursday] Dangerous Encounter: Valley of the Man-Apes - What's not to like about an adventure that ends with a fight with a 100-foot-tall robotic gorilla?
8. [Thundarr Thursday] New Character Race: Barbarian - Grab your Sun Sword and swing into action as a rough-and-tumble barbarian just like Thundarr! "Ahhhhhhhhhhh-hee!"
9. Savage Menagerie: Bearsharktopus - A freaky mutant picture inspired this freaky mutant.
10. [Thundarr Thursday] New Character Race: Sorcerer - And now PCs can play a magic-wielding force for good in the Mutant Future, just like Princess Ariel.

And there you have it. It's apparent that Thundarr Thursdays are a very popular part of The Savage AfterWorld. But it's also clear that a lot of my original content has been well-received and enjoyed by the readers. For that, I say "Thanks!"

And now, onto 2010...

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  1. Thundarr Thursdays are my favorite day of the week!!