Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Hanging's too good for him! Burning's too good for him!"

Seems that the blogosphere is really beginning to take notice of Mutant Future! Here's yet another blog that's taken an interesting turn at our favorite "radioactive retrogame!"

Over at the blog A Character For Every Game, Ye Olde Blogger Dyson Logos is adapting the scenarios that appear in that classic animated movie "Heavy Metal" for use in Mutant Future! When you examine the film, most of the segments take place in a dystopian world of the future, the destroyed ruins of a fantasy civilization, or even the far-flung reaches of the universe. Den, Taarna, Harry Canyon, and Capt. Stern (sterrrrrrrrn!) will be discussed in the ongoing weekly series.

Check out Week 2's offering of the World of Den at Heavy Metal Mutant Future - 2 - Den.


  1. This isn't my first article about Mutant Future either. I've rolled up a character as part of the Character For Every Game project that the blog in question is based around. A giant mutant ladybug, I believe.

    While MF isn't my go-to for mutated post-apocalyptic play, it is a lot of fun.

  2. Indeed! I recall Lady Kneivel! Here's a TinyURL for folks who want to check her out:

    And I see you've done a bit more for Mutant Future with your recent post. Time for another bump to your blog. Thanks!