Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enthusiastic Endorsement for Mutant Future!

While the Chatty GM attends Gen Con, guest bloggers are filling in for him over at his blog, Musings of the Chatty GM. WalkerP, co-host and producer of The RPG Haven Podcast, took his turn as guest blogger to encourage readers to pick up and play Mutant Future! His rave review is fairly comprehensive, giving readers a solid overview of the system, the genre, and the gameplay. Plus, he included spidergoats! If you're reading The Savage AfterWorld, I'd assume you're already actively playing and enjoying Mutant Future. But if you'd like to see the game getting a bit of props elsewhere, go check out "Dude, You Gotta Try Mutant Future!"


  1. Thanks for the pimpage and the kind words. As for the spidergoats, it's actually part of the deal that got them into the book in the first place. You can't review Mutant Future without at least one mention of the spider goats. They have a tough union!

  2. Ah yes, the "IBSG": The International Brotherhood of Spidergoats!