Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vat-Full Lot Of PARANOIA Materials Available At Bundle Of Holding

I love the Bundle of Holding offerings when they surface, as you can often get the entire line of a popular RPG for just pennies. But citizens, this offer from Friend Computer is simply vat-tastic! For the next 9 day-cycles, the Bundle of Holding features PARANOIA, the 2004 Mongoose Publishing edition of the classic RPG of a darkly humorous future.

For the basic package of $9.95, you get all three titles in the RED-Clearance core collection:
  • PARANOIA RPG: The 2004 Mongoose edition ("Service Pack 1," with errata corrected) of the classic 1984 SFRPG of light-hearted backstabbing in a future underground city ruled by an insane Computer.
  • Criminal Histories: This character-creation rules supplement helps your Troubleshooters uncover all kinds of treason in their past -- their own and each other's.
  • GM Screen and Mission Blender: These charts let you generate an entire mission, from briefing to debriefing and terminations, with a mere 60 or 70 die rolls.

And if you pay more than the current threshold price of $23.92, you'll rise in clearance and get the ULTRAVIOLET-Clearance collection of everything in the RED-Clearance package plus five bonus titles:
  • Flashbacks: This must-have 256-page mission collection presents classic 1980s PARANOIA missions updated for the 2004 edition. Learn why Vapors Don't Shoot Back, which citizens get The YELLOW Clearance Black Box Blues, when to Send in the Clones, and what to do when Something Falls Off.
  • The Traitor's Manual: A comprehensive guide to secret societies like the First Church of Christ-Computer Programmer, Psion, the Sierra Club, and of course, honest-to-Lenin Communists.
  • Crash Priority: Five new missions ranging from "Guard this invisible, undetectable train" to "Serve beverages to death-row traitors."
  • STUFF: The Alpha Complex auction site, C-bay, offers a ton of new gear, from weapons and ordnance (Lazookas, NuFlesh First Aid Pistols) to Malfeasance Control Devices (Say-No-Evil Speech Censors, Cellophane Jumpsuits).
  • The Mutant Experience: New mutant powers like Speed and Creeping Madness, mutagens for giving the gift that keeps on giving (treason), and special equipment just for filthy muties.

The 2004 edition was incredibly well-received when first released, and is nearly impossible to find nowadays. So act now before this amazing bundle disappears. (You'd have to be a stinking Commie Mutant Traitor to pass this up!)


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