Saturday, September 7, 2013

Watch Out, I'm Going Postal

John Buckley over at The Knotty-Works has announced new support for the Mutant Future RPG! His newest offering is the first in a series titled "Going Postal," which will present new supplemental rules and expansion to the core rules.

The inaugural issue is called Teflon Coating: Armor Options, offering new types and forms of armor that may be found in the future wastelands. There are also rules, tables, and stats for suits of piecemeal armor (adding better pieces to your existing armor for better protection), salvaged armor (making a suit out of whatever rubbish you can scavenge), and pre-apocalyptic non-military suits and armor accessories. I've found that many supplements like to focus on the gee-whiz-flash-bang weaponry of the future, but John offers 8 pages of new protection from those weapons that any Mutant Lord and mutant survivor will find useful. Nice work! I'm looking forward to (mutant) future issues of the series.

The PDF is 99 cents at DriveThrough RPG. (He also has a nice Mutant Future character sheet available as a free download!)

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