Thursday, September 12, 2013

Classic OSR Dungeon Map Cloth Pattern Now For Sale

Just got my test swatch of my newly designed Classic RPG Map pattern from Spoonflower. Turned out very nice. I photographed the 8" x 8" piece of printed material I got with a set of polyhedral dice to give you a sense of scale. I've made arrangements with Michael (AKA greyedout on Etsy) to have a dice bag made out of it. Should be super-awesome when done! I'll post photos when it arrives.

I have made the pattern available for purchase now. If anyone is interested, the Classic RPG Map pattern is available on 11 different types of fabric (from cotton to silk). You can get an 8" x 8" test swatch on cotton for as low as $5.00. (Fold it over, stitch along one side, add a cord, instant dicebag.) The pattern is also available on wallpaper, decals, and wrapping paper. Imagine this under your tree Christmas morning:

Ooh! I hope it's the D&D Red Box!


  1. If I get bedsheets, then I would never have to get up. And a bedpan, I suppose.

  2. Cool frickin idea! The internets are a wonderful place to have stuff like this done, ain't they?

  3. Very cool.

    Makes me want to start making dice bags again...

  4. I will make a table cloth from this. The pizza sauce and ketchup stains will be in the rooms where really terrible battles have occurred. Glob of mustard = ocher jelly and a bit of jello is of course what's left of a gelatinous cube. Have you considered a pattern in which there is a larger selection of rooms? And larger scale, such as 1-inch so that you might play on the table cloth (for example) with minis? If you made something like that, I think it'd really sell pretty good.

    1. Not so sure. Since it's a repeating pattern, the players might get tired of exploring the same 5 rooms over and over again!