Monday, September 30, 2013

Savage Menagerie: Computer Bug

No. Enc.: 0 (3d4)
Alignment: Neutral
Movement: 10' (2')
Armor Class: 9
Hit Dice: 1 hit point
Attacks: Special
Damage: Special
Save: L0
Morale: None
Hoard Class: None

Harmless to humans, animals, and mutants yet deadly to androids, cyborgs, and robots, Computer Bugs are "cybernetic termites" that consume the delicate circuitry found in the matrices of artificial intelligents. Attacking much like the Rot Grub (MF rules, page 93), a Computer Bug can easily bore through an android's outer skin layer. Once inside the robot's system, the Computer Bug will head straight for the AI's positronic CPU if not stopped immediately with an application of electricity at the site of the initial infestation. This shock will destroy the Bug, as well as inflict 1d6 hit points of damage per instance. If not stopped, the Computer Bug will reach the AI's CPU in 3d10 minutes and then begin consuming the crystalline matrix, which will instantly kill the host.

Mutations: none

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  1. These are great! (You probably get bored of me saying that....)