Friday, September 27, 2013

Going Postal -- Teflon Coating:Shield Options And Man In The Machine: Basic Androids

John Buckley over at The Knotty-Works has released two new supplements for the Mutant Future RPG! Both supplements are for his growing "Going Postal" series, which will present new supplemental rules and expansion to the core rules.

Teflon Coating: Shield Options -- This issue covers shield options including typical post-apocalyptic gear that most fledgling wasteland adventurers would use; an optional combat mechanic; and some pre-apocalyptic powered shields that may be found in the crumbling ruins and deserted installations of those who lived before the world ended.

Man in the Machine: Basic Androids --  This issue covers android archetypes and options for the Basic Android. Three new archetypes are introduced, including a law enforcement model, a military model with specializations, and a medic response android. Four example androids are also introduced that may be used by the Mutant Lord to easily populate a crumbling mall, desolated sports arena, or the vestages of a massive battlefield.

Both PDFs are 99 cents at Drive Through RPG!

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