Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Play A Mechaborg As You Fight Gatorsharks In The Dungeon From A Distant Star!

Hey gang! Seems I've been neglecting the ol' Savage AfterWorld recently, but  other bloggers have swept in to bring us all some nifty-keen sci-fi/post-apocalyptic OSR goodies to play with. Thought I'd take a moment and pass along some of these offerings that would fit perfectly into your Mutant Future campaigns:

Mechaborg - A Race for OSR-based Japanese-themed Future/Postapoc Games
Over at Flaming Oil, blogmeister Neko-kun has created a new player character race that The Mechaborg are people with robotic bodies -- the best of both worlds! Neko has the race's game rules fleshed out as well as a random table to roll on to determine any specialized robotic abilities you have. Although Mutant Future has androids, replicants, and synthetics running around, the Mechaborg gives you another option for adventuring as a robotic wanderer!
is half-man, half-machine, and all-kickass!

The Gatorshark Lunges out of the Septic Swamps
MeanwThey Might Be Gazebos!, they've introduced a new Swords and Wizardry creature that looks like it would be right at home in the post-apocalyptic bogs of the Mutant Future. The Gatorshark looks like a terrifying critter, and it should be easy enough for you to convert its S&W stats to MutFut's. Plus, it appears the Gatorshark was inspired by its upcoming movie "Gatorshark versus Zombie Cheerleaders." (I don't know about you, but I'll be watching that film at some point. I'm a sucker for that kind of cheesy grindhouse flick!)
hile, over at

A Crashed Starship for your Sci-fi Dungeon Crawl
Needles over at the always enlightening Swords and Stitchery blog clued me in on the free Dungeon From a Distant Star available for free on Drive Through RPG. The one-page dungeon crawl takes place in the rusted-out hulk of an old starship that crashed to earth eons ago. However, as they PCs explore, they find the power still works...and something seems to be lurking! This nifty little adventure contains wandering monsters, random tables, and 23 rooms that are easily adaptable for your apocalyptic adventure needs!


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out Sniderman! Awesome that you would, hey wait is that rules for 'Mechaborg' robotic wanderers? Very cool! Now as I was saying, wait is that a 'Gatorshark'!?! Awesome must resist the urge to throw this into a game!
    Anyhow, wait zombie Cheerleaders vs Gatorshark is a movie? Very cool!
    Seriously thanks for the shout out and Dungeon From A Distant Star is so worth the download! I'm not done torturing my players yet!