Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lords Of Light! The Story Of Thundarr The Barbarian -- Documentary On The Creation Of The Show

Sit back, click the link, and watch this fantastic 18-minute documentary on "How Thundarr was developed, designed, and brought to Saturday morning TV."


  1. This blog is pretty rope-a-dope. I LOVES me some Thundarr!

    I haven't read through your entire site, but you seem to have a concentration on Mutant Future. Have you checked out "Under the Broken Moon?" It was a Thundarr RPG designed on the Over The Edge system. You might check it out (for ideas worth stealing)'s pretty good.

    1. Thanks for the kudos! And if you love Thundarr, have you download my FREE "World of Thundarr the Barbarian" sourcebook? (Check the column over to the right!)

      This blog is certainly Mutant Future-focused (says as such in my "mission statement," right-hand column again)but I do touch on developments in other science fantasy games. And I have checked out Under the Broken Moon and touched on it back in 2011!

  2. Cool, thanks for thevlink.

  3. Great find, Sniderman! That was really enjoyable! =D

    Hay JB, I totally remember that site - it really takes me back! I'm glade to see it still alive, as so many old webpages fall through the memory hole!

  4. Fantastic bit of history there. In the last few months I've been re-watching the series (thank you excellent local library!) and the ideas in those episodes were really top notch. It's great to get a glimpse at what went into them and to see the passion those guys had for the business.

  5. @ Tim:

    I am never one to turn down a free download...especially one with the Thundarr theme (which is to say, I was reading it at 1am this morning). Good stuff...I wonder who owns the game rights to the IP?

  6. No idea. I'm not even sure who currently owns the rights to the characters. The show was created and produced by Ruby Spears; the DVD release has the Hanna Barbara Classic Collection logo on the cover; and it's manufactured (made to order by the Warner Brothers store.

    If you'd like more Thundarr, click the "THUNDARR" label under the post. I've posted a ton of stuff, including two original adventures I've run at Gen Con and Gary Con (available for download too).