Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ancient Armory: Flybot


Flybots are miniature surveillance drones used by Bygone armies to spy on their enemies. A Flybot weighs no more than a few grams and can fit easily on the tip of a finger as illustrated here. A Flybot is very simply constructed, consisting of not much more than a simple body holding a micro-Power Clip (15 minutes of power per charge) and a set of insect-like wings. Unless the one being spied upon is actively watching for a micro-drone, the Flybot will be discovered only on a 1 in 6 chance (1d6 roll). Although the Flybot has rudimentary programming, it comes with a Remote Control Unit allowing its controller to "steer" it toward a preferred target. A Flybot has Nerve Web programming, allowing it to sense everything it's exposed to as if it were an organic creature (it sees, hears, smells as if it were "alive," sending its data back to its controller who can both watch/hear it live as well as record the input for future review).  The Flybot's magnetic feet allow it to land on any metallic surface where it can observe undetected. And, if discovered, its Self-destruct System can be triggered, which will "pop" the bot, destroying it and doing 1d6 hit points to anything touching it at the time of the micro-explosion.

Hit Dice: 1 hit point
Frame: Mini-armature
Locomotion: Wings
Manipulators: None
Armor: None (AC 9)
Sensors: Nerve Web
Mental Programming: Programming
Accessories: Remote Control Unit, Magnetic Feet, Self-destruct System
Weaponry: None

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