Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coming Soon To The Savage AfterWorld...

Every time I have an interesting idea...or concept...or spark of inspiration for The Savage AfterWorld, I jot a word or two down on a Post-it which eventually finds its way into my "Notebook of Damn Fine Ideas." Over the months, I have accumulated a stack of Mutant Future-inspired "key words" that will one day find their way onto this blog or a physical supplement. Want a sneak peek? Here you go:


Stay tuned!


  1. I'm interested in seeing where you stream of conscious leads :)

  2. I'm pretty certain "the gopherchoke" will get you arrested in most parts of The South.

    They don't take kindly to freaks and weirdos.

  3. I misheard "go for broke" on the radio, and that's where "Gopherchoke" came from. Originally, I imagined it being the name of a post-apoc town someplace, but then inspiration hit. Check out the Subterranean Toxin Delivery Module !