Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ancient Armory: Subterranean Toxin Delivery Module

Weapon: Subterranean Toxin Delivery Module
(AKA "Gopherchoke")
Damage: As grenade type
Normal Range: 300 ft.
Maximum Range: 600 ft.
Speed: 100 ft./round
Blast Radius: As grenade type
Weight: 1 lb.
Battery: Power cell

The Subterranean Toxin Delivery Module (STDM) is a small, burrowing, underground, gas-delivery system used for surprise underground attacks on an unsuspecting foe. The Module is about the size of a cola can, topped with a large rotating screwhead. Ringing the outside of the Module is a series of small tank-like treads which pushes it forward as it drills underground. The STDM can burrow through most soils and surfaces, although it cannot penetrate stone, concrete or most metals.

The STDM has a large chamber that is filled with the gas of the attacker's choice (i.e., Blood agent, Irritant gas, Nerve gas, Poison gas, Smoke). The amount of gas the STDM holds is the same amount found in a standard grenade. Under a panel on the side of the Module is a keypad which allows the user to program the direction and distance to the target. Once programmed and placed on the ground, the STDM will start burrowing in a straight line to its target. The STDM moves at a depth of 5 feet and at a rate of 100 feet per round.  As it reaches its destination, it will start to resurface, coming to a depth of 1 foot to 6 inches. (A wary target may see an approaching "tunnel ridge" on a roll of 1 in 6.) When the STDM arrives, it will release its gas cargo directly under the target. Although the STDM can be retrieved and reused, the Module's power cell will be depleted after the attack and must be replaced. The gas chamber must also be refilled as well.

The STDM is sometimes referred to as a "Gopherchoke" for its underground system of travel combined with the toxin it delivers.

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