Monday, August 8, 2011

My Gen Con Hernia-Inducing Haul

Even though it looks like I went nuts with impulse buys, everything pictured here was a planned purchase:Radiation dice bag (two of them) - Q-Workshop
  • De Profundis - Cubicle 7
  • Illuminati Deluxe Edition (yes, two copies) - Steve Jackson Games
  • Part-Time Gods and Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. - Third Eye
  • Cheers Gary - Gygax Memorial Fund
  • Tooniversal Tour Guide and Toon Ace Catalog - Steve Jackson Games (Purchased used at Troll and Toad)
  • A History of Doc Savage - Fantom Press
  • Fight On! Issue 1-4 Compilation
  • OSRIC Hardback
  • Carnival Arcane CD - Midnight Syndicate
  • The Random Esoteric Creature Generator (two copies) - Goodman Games
  • Realm of the Technomancer (two copies) - Faster Monkey Games
  • Re-Energizers - Faster Monkey Games
And here is all things dice-related (some of these are impulse buys and nifty freebies):
  • Gen Con dice bag
  • Big ol' bag of scooped-up Chessex dice
  • My first Zocchihedron (d100)
  • d7 from Gamescience
  • Radiation die (gift from Justin over at A Field Guide to Doomsday)
  • Gen Con Forum "STINK" party d6 promo
  • Gen Con '11 d6 promo
  • d-Total from Gamescience (17 dice in one!)
Not pictured are a stack of new t-shirts (Gen Con 2011; Tower of Gygax; Part-Time Gods; and a bunch of general geek wear) and all the nifty free swag found in Ye Olde Swagge Bagge.