Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gen Con's "Gimme Shelter" For Mutant Future Available For Download

Hey gang,

Last night I ran two Mutant Future adventures at Gen Con - "Gimme Shelter" and "Dead in the Water." Here today for download is one of the two adventures - "Gimme Shelter." Feel free to download it and run your PCs through it.

Some notes: Some regular readers may notice that the adventure is a mash-up of two earlier-posted adventures here at The Savage AfterWorld. This is by design. I really liked those adventures and wanted to give them a run as a convention adventure (with a couple of tweaks and changes to keep things interesting). Secondly, the adventure is very short as there was only 3.5-4 hours to run it. Wanted to make sure there was a beginning, middle, and end, so I kept the encounters minimal. Next up, those who actually played it may notice that some of the encounters within didn't occur the way they did at the con. I needed to keep the game on target and moving, so I culled some things on the fly. (The Rot Dogs didn't show up in Scene 3, and the Mant lair wasn't nearly as sprawled out.) Finally, it's my personal hammered-out roughs -- warts and all -- just enough to guide the game. Don't expect a polished product, as that was never the intent.

I ran four 1st-level characters through it, so plan accordingly. Download and enjoy with my compliments. Oh, and what of "Dead in the Water"? Oh, THAT will see the light of day in a more polished form. The Gen Con run was a scaled-down version of...

Ah, but that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? :)

ETA: Would anyone want the TOON and Ghostbusters modules I plan to run as well? If there's enough interest, I'll post those too.

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