Saturday, April 2, 2016

200 Word RPG Challenge Now Underway!

Admit it -- you have a great idea for an RPG, but you don't have the time or drive to hammer out thousands upon thousands of words to see it reach fruition. Well, if you have time to type up 200 words -- less than one page of text -- you have time to put together your fantasy heartbreaker and enter the 200 Word RPG Challenge.
I love RPG design contests, as it really brings out the creativity in our corner of the OSRiverse. I also love minimization -- trying to do as much as you can with as little as you're given. Put these two concepts together, and you have The 200 Word RPG Challenge -- a contest that dares you to flesh out a full RPG game system or supplement in just 200 words. Spearheaded by game designer David Schirduan, the challenge began last year with a simple writing prompt:

"Design a Tabletop RPG, Setting, Hack, Expansion, or whatever in 200 words or less."

There were more than 150 submissions in last year's contest covering every genre imaginable with systems both complex and spartan. (Click here and take a look at last years' entries and winners!) After the contest ends and prizes are awarded, all entries will be compiled into a PWYW book with proceeds going to charity. (All entries are submitted under the CC-BY 4.0 license.)

The contest runs through April 16, so you don't have much time to get your entry in. (But it's only 200 words, so it's not like you NEED a lot of time!) So, what can YOU do with 200 words?

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