Friday, November 27, 2015

U-Con's "Adventures In The Big City" OSR Roundtable Airing On Save Or Die!

In what is becoming a U-Con tradition, I was once again privileged to be part of a panel of gaming stalwarts as we discussed OSR-related topics. This year was "Cityscapes And The OSR". Ryan Thompson and Adam Muszkiewicz co-hosted the roundtable, as Bill WebbJim WamplerJohn ReystBill Barsh, and I discussed adventuring in a cityscape rather than a dungeon, the various products -- both classic and new -- that supported these kinds of games, and our thoughts and experiences running our players through a fantasy urban sprawl. Jim Wampler's podcast Save or Die! recorded the session, so if you want to get your players out of the dungeon and into the streets, give it a listen! (Click the banner above or this link to go to the podcast.)

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