Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Where The Hell Is The Savage AfterWorld? (And Downloadable OSR RPG CAH!)

Hey gang!

Eep... It looks like your ol' pal Sniderman has been neglecting his little corner of the Blogoverse as of late. I've always prided myself on regular posts, updates, and general gaming nonsense over the years this blog has been in service, but recent "real life drama" has surfaced to drag me away from All Things Good-Fun.

So I'm popping my head in for a moment to let you know that TSAW hasn't been shut down or abandoned! In fact, here's a quick sampling of posts in-the-work that will be gracing your computer screen in the coming weeks:

  • Sniderman's Tips on Running Convention Games -- I'm an old hat at running games at conventions, and I have a bunch of tips and tricks I've accumulated over the years that streamline those 4-hour-block RPG events. This will be a three-part series covering 1. How to write a convention RPG scenario. 2. How to prepare for running a convention RPG scenario. and 3. How to run your convention RPG scenario. This series has been in the works for a while, and I hope folks find some good info in there.
  • More Role-playing and Board Game Reviews -- As much as I love to play and run games, I love to review them just as much. From the old classic to the new hotness, I like to give my readers a bit of an inside view of how games play, how fun they are, and if they're worth your hard-earned coins. Some games in the Review Chute include Riders: A Game About Cheating Doomsday; White Lies; and Ghostbusters: The Board Game.
  • New Material for Cryptworld (and other games!) -- Of course, The Savage AfterWorld covers more games than just Cryptworld, but I confess this RPG is a bit closer to my monster-hunting heart than others. I have a graveyard full of new THINGs to share with you all, as well as a few new mini-scenarios for Pacesetter's modern-day horror RPG. Also, stay tuned for announcements of new Cryptworld projects that will be clawing out of their tomb soon...
  • The Savage AfterWorld's Amazing "Post Number 1,000" Celebration -- The Savage AfterWorld is very, very, veeeeeery close to seeing my 1,000th post! I have big plans to celebrate such a milestone, and I've been stockpiling goodies to give away when that goal is reached. You know how Oprah used to give away Her Favorite Things? Yeah, it'll be a LOT like that.
Ok, I've been justifying my absence as well as my activities "behind the scenes" for far too long. Time to pay my Joesky Tax for this bit of introspection. Several days ago, I asked G+ folks to submit their best "OSR RPG-themed Cards Against Humanity" cards. Got a lot of funny stuff. Well, using the service at Bigger, Blacker Cards, I compiled these suggestions into a mini-set of cards I've dubbed "OSR RPG CAH". Click this link or the image below to download a set. (Print them out and glue them to lame, unfunny CAH cards you may have.)

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