Monday, September 1, 2014

Classic D&D Walkthrough Prints Now Available For Pre-Order

I'm sure many of you have seen and enjoyed the classic D&D module walkthrough maps posted over at Wizards of the Coast. Well now pre-orders for prints of those amazing works are now being taken over at Mockman Press!

The prints cover many of the classic module maps, all drawn up in an amusing cartoon-like manner. All of the major encounters are noted, and the detail is amazing on each one. The adventures illustrated include:

The smallest of the prints looks to be around 13" x 18", whereas the largest are around 18" x 36". Print pre-orders are from $20 to $30 depending on the map and size, and you can pre-order all seven for $150. I plan on picking up Tomb of Horrors for my own gaming room, as it was the the first module I ever ran as a DM. (Yeah, my players were thrilled about that first TPK.)

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