Monday, February 24, 2014

RIP "Egon Spengler" AKA Harold Ramis

Sad news today as actor/director Harold Ramis passed away at the age of 69. His body of comedic work is legendary: directing/writing Caddyshack, Groundhog Day, National Lampoon's Vacation and appearing in many movies including Stripes...and one other famous film role....

In my eyes, he will always be remembered as brainiac parapsychologist Egon Spengler from Ghostbusters. And Mr. Ramis' photo actually appears on the cover of one of my favorite RPGs of all time.
Thanks for the laughs, Mr. Ramis.

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  1. Just saw this a few minutes ago. Makes me want to cry. Stripes and Ghostbusters are two of my all-time favorite films.