Wednesday, February 19, 2014

[Labyrinth Lord] Magic Item: The Annahr Key

NOTE: This magic item was to be my third entry in the OSR Superstar competition over at Tenkar's Tavern. However, I missed the cutoff for this third magical item entry, so I thought I'd instead toss this befuddling little item out to you folks.

The Annahr Key appears to be a simple, unremarkable iron key with the word "ANNAHR" scratched along the shaft. However, it radiates very powerful magics if any magic-user thinks to inspect it. The Annahr Key can automatically shape itself to fit into any ordinary lock, unlocking any normally locked door, portal, chest, etc. that the party encounters. (The Annahr Key can only unlock normal locks and is ineffective against magically locked or held portals or objects.)

However, The Annahr Key also has a powerful curse upon it. Although the Annahr Key can easily open any locked item, it will at the same time magically lock and trap any previously unlocked item it's been in contact with. When it is used to unlock a portal or item, the previously unlocked object or portal will slam shut and will be under the effect of an 8th level Arcane Lock spell. The Annahr Key will be unable to unlock this new magically-locked item. Also, at the same time the object is Arcane Locked, an 8th level Symbol of Conflict will appear on the item, affecting any who see it.

It is said that a very powerful chaotic magic-user created the key, saying "The Annahr Key opens doors, while it sows the seeds of discord."

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