Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Noteboard Is On Sale For $5.00! (Very Limited Time Offer)

I've sung the praises of the Noteboard in the past here at The Savage AfterWorld, so I won't blather on about this incredibly useful, incredibly portable gaming table necessity. However, the ol' blog here was getting a bit of traffic from the creator's website, so I went to find out what all the hub-bub was about. Turns out the Noteboard is a year old this week, and the creator is selling them for the crazy-low price of $5.00 plus shipping! If you've been mulling over grabbing one of these ultra-portable whiteboards, it ain't gonna get cheaper! Two caveats: (1) This offer is not available in Europe. And (2) the sale ends Monday, April 22, at 12:01 am, EST. (In other words, at midnight tonight.)

Even if the sale has ended, the Noteboard is well worth the $10 full price!

Noteboard in action during my Mutant Future game at Gary Con.


  1. Ends Monday 22nd at 12:01 AM (Sunday at Midnight?). Picked up 4 of them for $25 with shipping and handling. If it stands up to the hype and works as well as the web site describes it then well worth it. Folds out to 35" x 15" individually so using four of them would give me 35" x 60" (approx. 3' x 5' area which should fit most gaming tables nicely. Big questions are going to be how well to they lay out once you unfold them and can you create something, fold it up and then unfold it without loss of what you first created.

  2. Yeah, sadly I JUST found out about these things and I'm fricken broke until Thursday! Living paycheck to paycheck sucks.

  3. Darniit! Missed out By less than an hour!

  4. Even at $10, you'll more than get your monies worth.