Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dangerous Encounter: Rainbows And Unicorns

While enjoying some downtime in one of the post-apocalyptic villages that dot the Wastelands, the PCs should encounter a small child with a battered Bygone children's book clutched tightly to her chest. "There's a magic horsie at Tumblerock Falls! I saw him!" she exclaims. "Just like the ones in my picture book!"

Anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest will have the girl climb into their lap. She babbles on about the horse's beautiful white coat, flowing mane and tail, and long ivory horn. She flips through the yellowed, brittle pages of her book (any PC who can read Bygone languages sees that the book is titled "My Big Book Of Fairytales") until she eventually finds a sketch of a classic fantasy unicorn standing under a rainbow at the foot of a waterfall.

"That's him!" she says. "My big sister didn't believe me either, so I showed her. She walked up and patted him on the head, and then she fell down, fast asleep! I wanted to wake her up, but the horsie got in my way and wouldn't let me get near. Can you help me wake her up?"

Hopefully, the PCs will be curious enough about the mysterious unicorn to investigate. The girl can easily lead the PCs to the foot of the Tumblerock Falls. Even from a distance, it's easy to see the majestic horned horse just as the girl described. On the bank of the stream, they'll see the unconscious form of the girl's sister. (The Mutant Lord is encouraged to play up the fantastic sighting of a fairytale creature like this in the post-apocalyptic world. The shimmering rainbow, the forested glade, the unicorn's mane fluttering in the waterfall's misty breeze -- throw every cliche you can think of into this encounter.)

The "unicorn" is actually a dangerous flesh-eating Zunicorn (MF rulebook, page 104). The white Zunicorn is actually an albino, which gives it its lustrous white coat and hides its true nature. This particular Zunicorn's horn secretes a Class 9 poison which causes sleep in its victims. When the girl's sister reached out to touch the creature, it quickly stabbed her hand, causing her to fall unconscious.

Albino Zunicorn (1) (AL C, MV 240' (80'), AC 2, HD 6, #AT 3 (2 hooves, horn, and poison), DM 1d8/1d8/1d8/poison, SV L8, ML 8, mutations: damage turning, toxic weapon (sleep), albinism)

The albino Zunicorn is waiting for its four herdmates to return so they can all feed on the unconscious girl. The other Zunicorns have the usual black and silver stripes found on the animals, and their horns inject a Class 7 poison that will do 7d6 hit points of damage (save for half-damage). The remaining animals in the herd will be arriving within minutes, so the PCs will have to act fast!

Zunicorns (4) (AL C, MV 240' (80'), AC 2, HD 6, #AT 3 (2 hooves, horn, and poison), DM 1d8/1d8/1d8/poison, SV L8, ML 8, mutations: damage turning, toxic weapon)

If the PCs are able to defeat the vicious horned animals and rescue the unconscious girl, the parents of the two girls are very grateful to them for their heroism. The father is a medic, and he will reward the party with a makeshift First Aid Kit that contains the following: 2 doses of Antitox, a can of both Medi-Spray I (4 doses) and Medi-Spray II (2 doses), and a Rad-Purge shot. He will also gladly heal any injuries the PCs may have suffered and offers free medical services to them any time they're in the area.

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  1. That is freaking mean as hell for an encounter! I love it! Must steal this for a Mutant Future game this weekend.