Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mutants & Machine-Guns: A Pocket-Sized, Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Taking advantage of my offer for free RPG editing services, Rob Sondoh, Jr., of Experimental Playground asked me to give his new RPG a quick once-over. The post-apocalyptic RPG, Mutants & Machine-Guns, is the first role-playing game created and released by Experimental Playground. The game is a micro-RPG, as the entire game fits in 8 pages. A pocketmod is available, making this the most portable End of the World game I've seen. Very simple, stream-lined mechanics, and just enough details to get you going. Did I mention it's a free download? And it's available in Spanish, French, and English. Sniderman says, "Check it out!"


  1. Cool! Looks awesome!

    (Not to brag, but I fit a post-apoc RPC on a single page...)

    (...used a smaller font, though.)

  2. Who did the artwork? It's kickarse.

  3. Thanks to Tim for editing and boosting this game here. I did the cover for the pocketmod. Now me and my partner are discussing and playtesting for the next version. It should be improve based on comments and critique of players :)

    Thanks again Tim.