Friday, August 3, 2012

Gary Con V Announced - March 14-17, 2013

It's official! Gary Con V has been announced for March 14-17, 2013. I'm not exaggerating when I say this is my favorite convention to attend, and I'm super-pumped about the announcement. (FYI: I'm heading to Gen Con in 11 more days. For me to be excited about Gary Con when Gen Con should be foremost on my mind, well, you KNOW there must be special about it!)

Anyone who is a fan of old school gaming -- or ANY kind of gaming -- should make a pilgrimage to get there. Anyone interested in casually meeting many, many, many of the people who designed the games we play and who very well may run one for you should make a pilgrimage to get there. Want to visit the town where role-playing started? Want to see where TSR once stood? Want to remember Gary Gygax in the most appropriate of venues? Want to have 4 days of mind-melting fun chucking dice? I can't stress this enough: Make plans to attend now or be prepared to "kick yourself ass-less" 7 months from now!

Oh, and click **HERE** to read about my adventures at Gary Con IV earlier this year!

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