Monday, July 30, 2012

Menace From The Wasteland: Mutant Future Adventure Module Released!

Well, here's a nice Monday surprise! Clay McGrew of Paper Brain Games has announced the release of his new Mutant Future adventure module: Menace From The Wasteland!

This 35-page sandbox-style adventure tasks a team of future mutants to investigate and assist an idyllic family farm on a remote river plain. There are 10 maps of the surrounding area and several interesting locations to visit and explore as the players try to thwart the dangers and threats to the peaceful farmers. Strange new creatures lurk in the forbidden ruins. Shrill screams echo through the forests. Multifaceted eyes leer from the swamps. There's a lot here to keep the PCs busy! (And, yes, I'm being deliberately vague to steer clear of spoilers!)

Menace From the Wastelands is currently available as an electronic PDF for $3.99. You can get your copy at Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now.

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