Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gen Con Day 3: A Stack Of Pancakes, Con Crud, And A 42-Hit-Point Phlegm Ball

As the sun rises on Day 3 of The Best Four Days in Gaming, Sniderman is feeling what little youth and vitality he had slip away under the relentlessness of the event. (Translation: Sniderman celebrated his 46th birthday last week and he's reeeeeeally feelin' it this morning.) Last night's DGS cocktail party was a blast, but this morning I had to shave my tongue, drink a gallon of water, and pop Tylenol like they were Pez. But after shaking the cobwebs from the ol' braincase, here is today's post:
  • To treat myself, rather than munching on the granola bars I brought for breakfast, I went down to the hotel restaurant and had an honest-to-God stack of pancakes, a few strips of bacon, and coffee served in a china cup. The silent morning respite did me some good. Breakfast was $25 (with tip) and worth every penny.
  • Mild morning hangover aside, my throat is really feeling it today. I'm hoping my Mutant Future game at 10 a.m. does't suffer. Last year, I had to cancel a game of TOON I was going to run when I came up with laryngitis. I brought a bag of cough drops to try to get me through this, but it's gonna be tough.
  • I swear, if another person in the Dealer's Hall stops dead in front of me, I'm gonna wack 'em with my backpack. And if I come across another group of gamers stopped in the dead-center of a crowded Dealer's Hall intersection yakkin' it up, I'm bodychecking them all into the nearest display of minis. Move your collective asses out of traffic before you socialize, folks!
  • The 10 a.m. Mutant Future game went well, with the d30 coming into play at the end for awesomeness. Here's are some choice scenes: plant life is growing amok and the players' village is nearly destroyed by giant Mummy vines plants bludgeoning the huts; a trek to visit Zhonie Kharsin; a mutant raccoon spies a blue glow coming from nearby and gets face-to-face with a Taser Thistle (ZAP); the PCs find that Splinterthorn is responsible for the mutant enzyme entering the water table; one acid-spitting mutant rolls the d30 to hit, rolls a  NAT 30 for QUADRUPLE DAMAGE, and an acid loogie-ball he spits goes THROUGH the villain's head. Like I said, awesome.
  • Swung by the Dungeon Crawl Classics game at 4 p.m. in hopes of using a few generics to squeeze in. Sadly, 5 other generic-holders had the same idea. Even more sad was all of the original players showed up, so there wasn't even a no-show to replace anyway! The DM graciously offered to run a late-night pick-up game for the generic holders, but that's just not in the cards for me tonight as I have world-conquest plans with an evening Illuminati game. Heading back to the room for lunch and rest.
  • .....annnnd I woke from my nap with Con Crud, apparently. Voice is gone, body hurts, I'm sneezing a lot, and generally feel like warmed-over Crap-on-a-Stick (pat. pend.) I'm gonna gargle, pop more aspirin, and go back to bed. Fortunately, I leave in the morning and it's a 3-hour drive home, which is comparatively short. Unfortunately, I'm gonna be a no-show for the one event I've been looking forward to since I signed up in January. Fnord, indeed dammit. Sorry Justin. Give the Gnomes of Zurich Hell for me! And if I shook your hand today, you might want to slather sanitizer on it.
  • Back to bed. New post after I'm home, unpacked, and rested. So this is Sniderman, live from Gen Con, and signing off.
  • ---couch cough wheeze---


  1. Thanks for these reports, it's been fun reading them.

  2. I especially liked the backpack whacking of collective asses.
    I can't believe I just now thought of this: a character with a chronic case of con-crud. We all know it exists, we all get it. But what is it really? Maybe it's a mutant spore, maybe it's a curse to keep guys like us from taking over the world.

  3. Sorry 'bout the crud. Get better and start sharing more pics! Looking forward to future posts.