Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Notorious NPC: Mr. Moore

Mr. Moore
15th Level Android (Special)

STR: N/A --- INT: 18
DEX: N/A --- WIL: 15
CON: 20 --- CHA: 21
HPs: 200 --- AC: 1

Mutations: none

Somewhere in the remote western hills of the Mutant Future lives a god. Rumors abound of a gargantuan being a mile tall whose knowledge and wisdom is surpassed only by his height. Those who seek his advice are given enlightenment and guidance in these toxic times. Nomads and pilgrims wander the wastelands, searching for him. Those who have heard the tales know him by several names: Jorge, Dom, or Theo. But the stone giant prefers "Mr. Moore."

Simply put: Mr. Moore is Mount Rushmore come to life. Shortly before the Final Wars, a nearby military installation was working on a new version of its medical nanomite, trying to develop one that would assist with android and AI repair. The World-Ending Blast released these microscopic repair bots which later rained down upon the American icon. Recognizing the faces of the monument as humanoid but non-biological, they began work at "repairing" the unfunctional android. Over the centuries, they rebuilt and transformed the very granite structure of the monument into a silicon-based AI. About 5 years ago, Jorge (George Washington's head) blinked, looked about, and began to speak. Dom (Thomas Jefferson) and Theo (Theodore Roosevelt) became animated 4 and 2 years ago, respectively. Abraham Lincoln has yet to move at this time.

The three heads that make up Mr. Moore know nothing of the Mutant Future and what has become of the world. (Their knowledge base ends around the year 2050.) The nanomites bestowed a separate database and personality to each head: Jorge's knowledge base encompasses leadership and diplomacy, and he is viewed as the de facto "leader" of the trio. Dom's specialty is law and justice, and he is considered the intellectual of the group. Whereas Theo's focus is military science and strategy, and he is the tactician of the three. (In fact, the nanomites based their personalities on Ancient records and biographies of the three, and they will act and speak very much in a manner typically envisioned for each former U.S. leader.)

A medium-sized town of devout followers has formed at the foot of the mountain, and Mr. Moore is worshiped as an oracle and deity. Mr. Moore doesn't care one way or the other for the devotion, although he does feel it's his duty to watch over his "charges" in the valley below. He offers them advice and guidance on a myriad of subjects including agriculture, societal law, and combat strategy, among other fields. The town (known as "Black Hill") is beginning to thrive and prosper, although the townsfolk try to keep themselves isolated from the outside world lest others arrive to exploit Mr. Moore's benevolent guidance. (There are some fanatic villagers who whisper that the world will end the day that "Honestabe" comes to life. These doomsayers are feared by the townspeople as they are almost cult-like in their doomsday faith.)

Proving the rumors of Mr. Moore's existence as truth could be an adventure in itself. Once discovered, it is up to the Mutant Lord's discretion as to what the townspeople will do to the intruders. Will Mr. Moore charge the PCs will helping the village to prosper? Does Mr. Moore know more about the area before the Final Wars than he lets on? What will Honestabe say when he comes to life? Will he be as benevolent as his peers, or will his intentions be more sinister? And what of the doomsday cult lurking in the shadows? Many plot threads lead from the foothills of this living goliath...

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  1. From your title, I was hoping for a villain based on the notorious Alan Moore. But this is actually even cooler.