Wednesday, October 26, 2011

[Festival of Fright] Ancient Armory: Silver Shamrock Masks

Silver Shamrock masks are simple rubber face-coverings that come in three styles: a pumpkin head, a skull, and a green-faced witch. These disguises were used by The Ancients during the Festival of Fright to frighten others and hide their identities while they extorted "treats" from the community. But these masks are even more sinister than originally realized, as the creator of the masks had a much more nefarious purpose for them. The masks -- created by Conal Cochran, president of Silver Shamrock Novelties -- were designed to bring about the End of the World.

Each Silver Shamrock mask has a small label located on the back of the head. Underneath this label is a small microchip with a small sliver of Stonehenge embedded in the circuitry. This combination of high science and occult witchcraft will cause the wearer of the mask to suffer ahorrid fate when a specific signal is sent to the chip. When this signal is sent via radio waves or broadcast signal, the chip sends out a transformative ray directly into the wearer's skull. The brain dissolves into a festering pile of goo, pus, and ichor. Within this fetid mass will hatch a swarm of deadly insects and vermin which will pour out of the mask, attacking all within range. Cochran wished to bring about the End of the World via the masks, but was stopped before he could put his plan into effect.

In the Mutant Future, the true nature of these masks is still unrealized. Some of the pumpkin masks may be kept by and worshiped by Pumpkin Men (MF rules, pg. 90). The party may encounter Tricker Treaters wearing them on their nefarious rounds. Regardless, the true nature may indeed be known by these villains. Picture a Pumpkin Man ritual where they sacrifice a victim to their Pumpkin God using one of these masks and a tape recorder with an Ancient recording of the signal...

Five more days 'til Halloween... Halloween... Halloween... Five more days 'til Halloween... Silver Shamrock!


  1. That's a nasty idea! Damn why hadn't I thought of that? Sigh very awesome! Very cool as well!

  2. I watched this just the other night. One can never have too much Tom Atkins goodness.

    And for those Mutant Futures with a "Thundarrian magic & tech" flair, maybe Cochran's antics triggered the campaign apocalypse to begin with...!