Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ancient Armory: Harvester Bot

Harvester Bot

Harvester Bots were used for a variety of agricultural uses such as plowing and tilling sod, harvesting crops, baling and raking grains, and other large farming projects. Sturdily built to weather years of rugged outdoor labor, many Harvesters survived the apocalypse and are still out in the fields -- tilling, turning, baling, and harvesting. Their programming is very limited, as they have been instructed to remain working in the same acreage they originally were programmed for. It is not unusual to see these behemoths still cultivating the same fields over many decades.
Hit Dice: 20
Frame: Armature
Locomotion: Wheels
Manipulators: Claws, jaws
Armor: Duralloy Armor (AC 3)
Sensors: Class IV
Mental Programming: Programming
Varies; can be any assortment of agricultural attachments
Weaponry: None


  1. Cool. Malevolent farm equipment is what every post-apocalyptic world needs.

  2. It's nice knowing that Killdozer is alive and well in the Mutant Future.

  3. Killdozer? Malevolent farm equipment? I don't think I mentioned any evil tendencies with these machines.