Sunday, September 11, 2011

More Apocalyptic Comics From the Digital Comic Museum

(A continuation of today's earlier post...)

And while I was reading issues of Whiz Comics (Captain Marvel FTW!) and Plastic Man, I also found these gems in the Digital Comic Museum archives:

Here are the links to get you started:
Atomic War:
Atomic War 001 -fixed
Atomic War 002 -fixed
Atomic War 003 -fixed
Atomic War 004 (missing cf)-32pgs -fixed

World War III:
World War III #01
World War III #02


  1. Awesome find!Thanks ever so much!

  2. Oh I'm outraged, World War III #2 has helicopter commandos on the cover (how cool is that?) but no story with helicopter commandos inside the issue.


    These crusty old comics are cool, thanks for the links.