Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ancient Armory: Weed of Godly Strength

Weed of Godly Strength is a much sought-after edible plant in the Mutant Future as it bestows a temporary increased strength mutation upon the consumer. Sometimes referred to by its Ancient name of "spiny itch," Weed of Godly Strength appears as a leafy green plant about 15 cm tall with oval-shaped leaves. Upon eating a handful of the plant, the consumer will feel strength and vitality coursing through his muscles. He will deal an extra 3d6 hit points of damage in hand-to-hand combat for the next 4 rounds. He may also be capable of a single feat of lifting twice his normal maximum carrying capacity at the discretion of the Mutant Lord.

However, this benefit comes at a price. Swelling commonly occurs as the consumer's forearms swell to gargantuan sizes and one of his eyes will swell shut. He may also be afflicted with a speech impediment causing him to add a hard "K" sound to words ending with an "S". (For example: "Hmmm, I thinksk I hearsk some noisesk coming from around the cornersk.") The consumer may also find himself attracted to unhealthily thin women and corn cob pipes.

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  1. This is a real pop eye of a post Sniderman! Love this one! Very cool!