Wednesday, June 1, 2016

North Texas RPG Con Day 0: Arrival And Reconnecting

Hey gang, after taking a few years off, I'm finally back here in Dallas for North Texas RPG Con 2016! I'm getting settled in my room as I hammer this out, prepping to bring you the next four days of OSR gamin' goodness from the Lone Star State. So stop by The Savage AfterWorld the next few days to get a attendee's-eye-view of NTRPG Con! I'm here a day early to settle in and get ready, so here's a bit of a preview of what's happening during the setting up hours leading up to tomorrow's convention:

  • The flight down was uneventful, which was a relief (I'm a pretty bad flyer). But DEAR GOD, someone on that flight must've eaten a bad burrito or something Whoof. And at 50,000 feet, you can't crack a window.
  • One thing that's very cool about the rooms here -- the TV sets have Internet TV. I have a Roku at home that I use all the time, so I was able to access my accounts on the TV in my room. Sure, I have my Netflix in my room, but I'm more excited about having Pandora blaring out my "Dungeons and Dragons Fantasy Adventure Music Playlist". Just the mood music I need for the next four days!
  • Stupid desk chair, however, dumped me onto the floor when I leaned back in it. I have a big carpet burn on my elbow from the apparent fiberglass carpeting in my room.
  • Also, I brought along my copy of Wayward Adventure Board Game . It's a very fun dungeon delve, and I hope to get in a game or two during the off-hours. (In fact, I just played a quick solo game in my room to refresh myself on the rules...)  Look for me in the lobby with it set up and join in if you want!
  • After I unpacked, I went to the restaurant to grab a bite in the restaurant. I wondered idly if I was going to run into anyone this first non-day of the con. As I passed through the lobby, DCC man-about-town Michael Curtis greeted me with "Sniderman!" After taking with him for a few minutes, I sat down to eat when Tenkar's Tavern power-couple Erik and Rachel sauntered by. I flagged them in, and the three of us had lunch and BS'ed about retirement, jobs, beer, trains, and gaming for a chunk of the afternoon. Looks like I needn't have worried about not seeing anyone I knew today! And I agree with Erik -- these "down-time socializing" moments at conventions are just as good as the gaming moments.
  • After stopping by my room again, checking in with my wife, and changing shirts, I walked back to the lobby to find Alana Davis and child SBA lurking near the fountain, which held great interest and mysteries to said child. Her hubby and my pal Justin Davis was apparently deep in the throes of a time-travelling dinosaur robot game (I honestly didn't get the details).
  • Got my ID, program, and shirt. Games are already in session in the main ballroom and atrium, so -- unofficially -- the convention's underway! YAAAAAYYY! (Cue Kermit-like flailing...)
(clap clap clap clap)

Getting my gaming supplies unpacked while listening to the Skyrim soundtrack on Pandora.


  1. For the record when you get excited you don't go: "YAAAAAYYY! (Cue Kermit-like flailing...)" You simply state "Kermit the Frog arms" and see how many questions you get.

    1. I might try that during Saturday's TOON game when...oh, never mind. >:)

  2. Liz and Mike from Save or Die are the true OSR power couple.

    We're the OSR socializing and drinking couple ;)