Friday, May 27, 2016

North Texas RPG Con 2016 Begins Next Week! Stay Tuned For Live Blogging From The Show!

In a little less than a week, NTRPG Con 2016 will be underway, and Your Friendly Neighborhood Sniderman will be there! I'll have my laptop with me and, as I like to do during my convention sojourns, I'll be live-blogging every day from the event to keep you informed and entertained as to the goings-on at one of the foremost OSR gaming conventions! Stay tuned next week as I post a daily missive from "Deep Inna Hearta"!

Oh, and on a side note: This post marks Post Number 997. So it appears that The Savage AfterWorld will hit Post #1,000 while I'm at NTRPG Con! What wacky plans might I have in store for that milestone? Stay tuned!

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