Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[Cryptworld] New Thing: The Tooth Fairy

A Demented Dentist for Cryptworld

STR: 4 (60) --- WPR: 2 (30)
DEX: 4 (60) --- PER: 3 (45)
AGL: 4 (60) --- PCN: 5 (75)
STA: 3 (45) --- PWR: NA
ATT: 1/60% --- WND: 12
MV:  L 75†

Experience: 800

The Tooth Fairy is a murderous fiend who covets and collects the teeth of his living victims. No one who has encountered The Tooth Fairy has lived to tell of the encounter. No one is certain what he looks like either, although whispered rumors say that he is a tall, thin, pale man with sunken eyes. They say when he comes for you, he's wearing his trademark leather apron and face mask that conceals his identity, also giving him the appearance of a monstrous dentist.

The Tooth Fairy has a hidden lair that he has set up much like an oral surgeon's office. A decrepit dentist chair (with restraints) sits under a glaring medical lamp. A rolling tray filled with rusty dentist's tools is at hand, as well as powered tools such as a drill and grinder. The Tooth Fairy also has various anesthetics and sedatives at his disposal that he uses to sedate a victim to bring back to his "office." However, he won't begin his craft on a sedated patient, as The Tooth Fairy desires them to be clear-headed for the procedure.

For several agonizing hours, The Tooth Fairy slowly and laboriously removes the victim's teeth, placing each one into a small individual jar filled with alcohol to preserve it. He extracts only those teeth that are pristine and unmarred -- no caps, crowns, or those with fillings. Once he has taken all of the collectible teeth he can from his agonized patient, The Tooth Fairy has no further use for the victim and uses his tools to kill them in the chair. He them dumps the body miles away from his office. When the police find a mutilated body with several teeth surgically removed, they can be certain The Tooth Fairy has struck again.

NOTE: The Tooth Fairy is a specific version of the Harvester to show you how to customize a Cryptworld THING into a local urban legend and threat!

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