Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We Interrupt This Blog For Real Life: Please Stand By...

Wow. I have really been ignoring the ol' blog as of late. As way of explanation, many "real life" events and issues have kept me preoccupied. And when I do have down time, I'm working on a few "top secret" RPG projects behind the scenes that will be coming to light veeeeery soon. So bear with me as I neglect The Savage AfterWorld for about another week while I wrap up some stuff.

For what it's worth, here is a rundown of some future blog posts I have hammered together in my "Draft" folder:

  • The Temple of Divine Sight: A new religious order for your fantasy OSR games
  • A review of the classic Pacesetter boardgame "Chill: Black Morn Manor"
  • Advice to newbie GMs on how to set up and run your first convention game
  • And, of course, announcements and reveals on those "top secret" RPG projects!

Please stand by...

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