Sunday, May 10, 2015

[Cartoon Action Hour] "Thundarr-esque" Wasteland 2010 Sourcebook Now Available!

One of my favorite RPGs is Spectrum Games' Cartoon Action Hour -- the 1980s action cartoon RPG. And, of course, my favorite 1980s action cartoon is Thundarr the Barbarian. So I was thrilled when one of CAH's Kickstarter stretch goals was released this weekend -- the sourcebook for CAH's "ode to Thundarr" Wasteland 2010!

"A group of bold adventurers travels across a dangerous post-apocalyptic landscape, carrying out missions for the Utopian League, an organization of scientists, civic leaders, and scholars who seeks to rebuild society. Can the heroes make a difference in a world filled with sorcery, strange civilizations, mutated creatures, and other hazards?"

I'm getting a big kick out of this series book (as well as all of the other series for CAH) because I now have a setting to introduce Snydorr, The Wasteland Warrior!

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