Thursday, January 8, 2015

So What's Going On At The Savage AfterWorld In 2015?

Hey gang! Well, I pretty much dropped off the face of the planet over the last few weeks, eh? Admittedly, from mid-December through now, I've been dealing with the holidays, a vacation, two fairly bad illnesses, and the usual real-life stuff that waylays us all from time-to-time. So now I'm picking up the pieces, sorting out where I left off, and getting back on the horse (if I can toss out a few cliches.

Anyway, for this first post of 2015, I figured I'd take inventory of all of the projects I have in the works, and share with you all a "snapshot" of what you can expect to see here at The Savage AfterWorld in the coming months.

** My planned Christmas-themed Cryptworld adventure "Maul Be Home For Christmas" is written, but it never got assembled. But the idea/concept is too good to let stagnate, so you might see it released at some point in the next few weeks, even though the holidays are over. Or I might save it for next Christmas. Or it might appear in a future issue of "Pacesettings." Speaking of which...

** Issue #1 of "Pacesettings", the zine for the Pacesetter Action Table system, is in the works. The first issue will have a historical figure for Timemaster, a couple of magical artifacts for Majus, a new adventure hook/location for Rotworld, and a mini-adventure for Cryptworld. I'm pretty excited about getting this launched, so expect it very soon.

** Also, stay tuned this year as two new supplements for the Cryptworld RPG I had a hand in writing/assembling will (fingers crossed) be released. Text for both is written, edited, and in the can. Expect an announcement about those in the near future.

** And I might just have a Timemaster adventure supplement in the works as well...

** There's also this jiffy-keen fantasy-based card game I've designed that I'm dying to try out at the gaming table. (I teased it here last year.) I have a (very) rough prototype that's been played a few times locally, and now I need to cobble together something a bit more "formal-looking" for further playtesting. I plan to bring this to a convention or two this year to test it out.

** Conventions? Yup, so far, I have plans to attend three conventions in 2015. Gamicon Omega in Iowa City, IA, in February; Nexus Game Fair in Milwaukee in June; and Ohio's Con on the Cob in October. I might try to squeeze one or two more in there, but these are the confirmed events. Be sure to track me down!

** I discovered some old notes from a LARP I used to play back in The Olde Dayes. These texts and manuscripts can be easily converted over to a host of other RPG systems. (I might do a retrospective of the IFGS too, and my experience with the live-action game system.) Thus far, I've discovered a complete adventure I wrote ("Insanityland"), as well as a fully realized religious pantheon for a cleric I played for years. I think The Temple of Divine Sight might be an interesting faith for DCC, in fact.

** Speaking of DCC RPG, I have ideas for two new adventures for Dungeon Crawl Classics. One is a zero-level funnel that places the PCs in the roles of prisoners trying to escape after being wrongfully imprisoned (a jail break!), and the other is a 3rd-level adventure where the Laws of Time have been usurped. The trick is finding time to write these up, but I'm pretty excited about the concepts.

** Here's a list of new creatures of Cryptworld soon to grace this blog: Scarionette; Drauger; Computer Virus; Bloody Bones; Succubus; Shade; Tsukumogami; The Boogeyman; and Cut-Ups.

** And finally, anyone want to take a roadtrip to The Most Haunted Place In America with me? At some point this summer, I plan a roadtrip to Helltown, Ohio. This place has "Cryptworld inspiration" written allllll over it. (Might be cool to write up an adventure placed on a real location!)

So those are the plans and projects for the coming year. Lots to write, lots to share, lots to do. Let's get started, shall we?


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    1. 'Fraid not. A trip to Texas just isn't in the cards this year.

  2. Damn. Fist Matt now you. EVERYONE's bailng this year!

    1. Well, for me, Texas ain't within comfortable driving distance. And airfare just isn't financially happenin' for this year's convention circuit, I'm afraid.