Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wizards, Mutants, Lazer Pistols Issue 6 Now Out!

If you like your RPG zines chock-full of delicious gonzoness, you'll be happy to know that Issue 6 of Wizards, Mutants, Lazer Pistols is now out! Prepare for more OSR WTF goodness from Alex and his contributors! In this issue you'll find:
  • A new mini-adventure for Goblinoid Games’ CRYPTWORLD RPG—secret government ops meets horror in the wild!
  • A new installment of Beneath the Ruins, wherein the Ice Caves and the Department of Transubstantiation are detailed.  Elusive, wooly, ice creatures, the Beast of Kokytos, and deranged practitioners of academic sorcery!
  • A long lost fragment from the Scrollus Encountercus, the premier ENCOUNTER CRITICAL fanzine of its day!
  • Swag that your OSR ranger class will flip over! Who likes nifty arrows? WE like nifty arrows!
  • And a monster quiz that’s devilishly difficult! (GROAN)
Any issue of Wizards, Mutants, Lazer Pistols is $3.75 shipped in the U.S., and $6.00 international. Sniderman says, "Go get some."

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Sniderman! Hope you enjoy the issue.