Sunday, May 11, 2014

[Mutant Future] Notorius NPCs: Roo Manchu

Roo Manchu
7th Level Mutant Animal

STR: 15 --- INT: 18
DEX: 17 --- WIL: 24
CON: 12 --- CHA: 17
HPs: 47 --- AC: 5

Mutations: leaping; echolocation; damage turning; disintegration; intellectual affinity (martial)

In the Mutant Future, there is one criminal mastermind who is feared and respected by all who have heard of him -- Roo Manchu. "Dr. Manchu" (as he prefers to be called) has developed a criminal empire that stretches across the badlands of the Mutant Future, touching and/or controlling every nefarious enterprise throughout the land. His cruelty is matched only by his pragmatism. He's logical and emotionless to a fault, and views crime and illegal activities as the most efficient way to spread his control of everything and everyone.

Dr. Manchu is a large mutant kangaroo. He stands over 7 feet tall and sports a long, thin "fu manchu" mustache from his muzzle. He prefers to dress in long flowing black robes which affords him a degree of modesty, while also keeping his powerful legs and tail exposed for times when they are needed. As mentioned, Dr. Manchu is incredibly intelligent with a powerful force of will. He has many Bygone devices and weapons at his disposal, and his affinity for them is such that he has a +25% tech bonus when determining how a Bygone device functions. Dr. Manchu flawlessly speaks nearly every language and dialect found in the badlands, as well as most Bygone languages, and he can write and read any language easily. (He has an extensive hidden library of Bygone tomes where he gets many of his ideas and plans.)

Dr. Manchu should be played as a shadowy figure always discussed and feared, but rarely -- if ever -- actually encountered. Name a criminal enterprise -- protection rackets, slavery, extortion, murder-for-hire, etc. -- and Dr. Manchu is the one running the operation from afar. Many of the larger gangs that patrol the wastelands answer to him (or his sergeants) in some manner, and anyone who displeases or crosses him will usually be found dead within hours. Dr. Manchu is an all-present criminal "boogieman" whose reach is far and whose evilness is legendary.

Dr. Manchu's powerful kangaroo legs gives him the ability to leap up to 100' high and a distance of 200'. A cautious creature, he has mutations that keep him protected when he's within familiar surroundings. He uses his echolocation to constantly keep tabs on his surroundings and those near him. If someone would launch a surprise attack, he triggers his damage turning mutation, sending the injuries back to his opponent. And if someone has vastly displeased him, Dr. Manchu will use his disintegration ability, ensuring that the one who failed him never has that chance again. On those rare occasions when someone is granted a face-to-face meeting with the Doctor, it should be made clear that any aggressive move will be dealt with swiftly and decisively.

Even though Dr. Manchu prefers to let his minions do his fighting for him, if he's ever encountered in one-on-one combat, the PCs will find that Dr. Manchu is a dangerous opponent in hand-to-hand combat. His martial affinity and echolocation mutations as well as his high STR and DEX scores gives him a +1 to any initiative roll, a +6 to hit bonus, and a +1d6+1 damage bonus in hand-to-hand combat. When wielding a ranged weapon, Dr. Manchu receives a +2 to hit with missile weapons. Considering his vast arsenal amassed over the years, it's safe to assume that any weapon imaginable is available to the evil Doctor.

Putting an end to the Doctor's machinations could be the start to a very long (and dangerous) campaign. Perhaps the PCs have a personal vendetta to settle when their family is abducted and sold by the Doctor's minions. Perhaps the minor crime lords in the area wish to get out from under the Doctor's control and hire the PCs to take care of him once and for all. Regardless of how they cross paths with him, Dr. Manchu should be played up as a very powerful and dangerous villain of legendary stature.

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