Monday, November 25, 2013

[Labyrinth Lord] Horn of Plenty / Horn of Putrescence

Magic Item for Labyrinth Lord in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday

The Horn of Plenty appears as a simple, empty, wicker cornucopia. However, once per day when the item's command word is spoken, naturally growing edibles such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, etc. come spilling out. The Horn of Plenty's production is similar to the 4th-level Cleric spell Create Food and Water. However, water cannot be created with the Horn. Enough nutritious food will be produced to comfortably feed 6 people once per day. There is also a Horn for the feeding of animals and livestock know as a Horn of Forage. This Horn will produce enough feed corn, oats, and raw grain once per day to feed three large beasts of burden (horses, oxen, cattle, etc.). The grains and feed produced will barely nourish any persons who consume it.

There is a cursed version of the Horn to be wary of though -- the Horn of Putrescence. This Horn is similar in look and creation to the Horn of Plenty, and it too produces enough food to feed 6 people. Although the food appears, smells, and tastes normal, it is contaminated with a spoiled rot that will cause a withering illness per a reversed 3rd-level Cleric Cure Disease spell (Cause Disease). Any who consume the spoiled food must make a save versus poison. Those who fail will be racked by fever and illness for 2d12 days at which point they will perish unless a Cure Disease spell is cast.

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