Monday, November 18, 2013

A New Look, A New Focus -- Welcome To Savage AfterWorld 2.0

Early in 2009, I made two online discoveries: the Mutant Future RPG and the RPG bloggerverse. I knew I wanted to be a part of both, so, on June 17, 2009, I launched The Savage AfterWorld as the foremost site to visit for post-apocalyptic RPG support and discussion. In the last four-plus years, I've made 700 posts focusing on gonzo apocalyptic gaming. I've created and released two Mutant Future supplements (three, if you count the Thundarr the Barbarian sourcebook). Mutants and creatures and adventures and artifacts littered across the Blasted Lands have filled this blog over the years.

However, my interests in gaming encompass far more than just the post-apocalyptic genre. Fantasy and horror and sci fi and western and comedy and board games and card games and yadda yadda yadda. Over the years, I have taken great pains to avoid posting any material to The Savage AfterWorld that was not Armageddon-genre-specific. (I'm kinda compulsive that way.) But it's time to open up this blog to the wide variety of games that are out there. I want The Savage AfterWorld to reflect my interests across the spectrum of gaming. I want to create and share new classes for Labyrinth Lord. New things for Cryptworld. New rules for Dungeon Roll. New options for DCC RPG. New black cards for Cards Against Humanity. Boot Hill and It Came From The Late, Late Show and Toon and Villains and Vigilantes. (And, yes, Mutant Future as well.) Discussions on old games, new games, classic games, obscure games, and everything in-between. And, as I did with Mutant Future, this blog will offer material and content that can be used and implemented in your own games -- not just mindless blather and empty rhetoric.

So, today, the apocalypse ends, and The Savage AfterWorld rises from the ashes. Thank you for your support and patronage over the years. And I hope you'll continue to stop by.


  1. I totally understand the desire to "keep the genres separate"...hence my 2 (okay, 3, if you count another woefully-neglected) blogs.

    Say, what does this mean for your Time Corps HQ material? I just noticed the link was dead (and maybe horked).

    No matter what you post, I look forward to what's in store!

  2. Whee! More content from a top-notch blogger!

  3. Woot, sounds exciting! Looking forward to whatever you've got to offer.

  4. Can't wait to see what new stuff you've got up your sleeve and don't let blogging hem you in pal.