Saturday, October 19, 2013

Con on the Cob Day 3: Lords Of Light, Sweetest Day, And A Future Without Mutants

'Morning folks,

It's 6 a.m. and I'm heading down for breakfast already. It's Saturday morning, so you know what that means...Sniderman's running his popular Saturday morning "Thundarr the Barbarian" Mutant Future game at 8 a.m. Although the players are bleary-eyed and usually hungover from Friday night room parties, I never have a problem getting a full table of Saturday morning cartoon enthusiasts. Also, just discovered that Thundarr premiered this week back in 1980 -- 33 years ago! So, as I head down for a plate of bacon and sausage (fat gives you energy!), let's get this day's convention-logue started...
  • Discovered that I've been shaving with a dull razor for the last two days. This morning, my face said "Nope" when I tried to drag the dull implement across it a third time. So I'm goin' with the grizzled look from here on out.
  • When I sat down to get my Thundarr game set up, I was the only one in the game room. In fact, I think I may have been the only one at the con! Eerily quiet. I had four enthusiastic players show up to play in Across the Dimensional Divide. They tore through the scenario in nearly half the time, trouncing Yin-Yan the Wizard by lunchtime. Some of the highlights included: Ookla hanging onto a deployed firetruck ladder while the engine raced down the street; same Ookla getting tired of being dragged around, planting his feet, and STOPPING the firetruck dead in its tracks; another Ookla from another dimension grabbed a giant man-eating dimensional worm by its mouth and swung it around like a 75 foot long baseball bat (accidentally flattening the other Ookla who was still trying to recover after that whole firetruck ride); Thundarr jumped from the firetruck, landed on the hood of a car, and cut its engine block off with his SunSword; and the other Thundarr was unsure of his own identity, and began incorporating new catchphrases ("Gods of Luminescence! Demonic Cats!").
  • My Mutant Future game was next and I had one person show up to play. He and I agreed that it just wasn't going to work with one player, so we decided to cancel. So that was two games that ended not happening due to no shows. Timemaster I can understand as it's a niche genre and not enough folks may know about it, but Mutant Future? I has a sad.
  • Swung by the room to drop some stuff off, as I switch hats to gamer/partyer. Stopped by Registration to sign up for Menagerie of the Ice Lord run by Digital Orc's Dylan Hartwell. All full, dammit. OK, they have a game of Cartoon Action Hour based on He-Man. That could be a hoot! All full again? Double dammit. A board game called Thunder Alley? Cool, I love that post-apocalyptic racing game. No, wait, I'm thinking of Thunder Road. Thunder Alley is a NASCAR card game sim. Triple dammit. So I stop by the bar to drink a beer and get my head on straight. A look at my watch shows me it's only 2 p.m.
  • I stopped by the dealer's hall to see if anything materialized since the other 12 times I stopped by. (Kind of like rechecking the fridge when you've already looked in it and found nothing you wanted.) Lo-and-behold, I found Dungeon Roll, a game I missed the Kickstarter on. I had no idea the commercial version was already out. Yoinked, and played a few games in the demo area with one or two passers-by. Fun game!
  • Came back to my room after a bit of poking around in the Artitorium and saying hey to some new friends and acquaintances. Was so beat, that I decided to just sit in the comfy chair and kick my feet up for a few minutes. Woke two hours later when my own mouth-open snoring woke me up. I'm very sad to discover I'm not a young man anymore. I then decide to show my body who the boss is and left to go to the Con Suite Room Party in progress.
  • "Yeah, my wife is watching the kids this weekend so I can come to the convention," I overhear someone say. "It's her Sweetest Day gift to me." "TODAY IS SWEETEST DAY?!" I shout, as I race back to my room to call my wife lest I be mistaken as a loutish husband. "TODAY IS SWEETEST DAY?!" she shouts when I call.
  • Jogged back to the Chill and Grill Con Suite Gathering for beer and hot dogs. This will be my last entry as I'm gettin' my "brew on."
No photos today as I stupidly left the camera in the room. But with the fun and thrills of Thundarr that were had, I think this classic opening best summarizes today's Cob-Con:


  1. Sorry you couldn't make Menagerie. Game was a real blast, though the DM sucked.

    1. He **is** a tool, isn't he? ;) I was following Conley's feed on the game as I wandered the halls. Sounded like it went really well!