Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ancient Armory: Scorpion's Sting

Weapon: Scorpion's Sting
Variable Damage: 1d4
Special: +1 AC; poison
Weight: 3 lbs.
Cost: 150 gp

Scorpion's Sting is a forearm-mounted weapon/shield used as a thrusting/slicing weapon. The weapon wraps around the arm while the hand grips a handle underneath. The "claws" and "legs" of the scorpion-shaped device are sharp blades, which can slice for 1d4 hp of damage. The upturned "tail" is sharped into a lethal point which can also do 1d4 hp of damage if thrust forward like a dagger.

Scorpion's Sting has two other useful properties. The device can be used as a small shield, offering a +1 AC bonus when used in this manner. The user must determine when entering combat if Scorpion's Sting will be used as a weapon or defensively. If used as a weapon, the device does NOT give its user the +1 AC bonus. If used as a shield, it may not be used as a weapon. Also, the "tail" of Scorpion's Sting is traditionally coated with the venom from a Giant Scorpion (MF rules, page 93). If someone is successfully hit during a "thrust" attack, they must save versus poison of die. Success means they take 1d6 hit points of damage. The tail can only hold enough poison for one such attack.

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