Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Savage AfterWorld Turns Four...So How About Some Apocalypse Cakes?

Howdy folks. Today, this lil' corner of Mutant Future meanderings turns four years old. Hope you've enjoyed the trip thus far.

While looking for some online art to illustrate the blog's big b-day, I innocently typed in "apocalypse cakes" in hopes of finding something delightfully macabre. Instead, I discovered a cookbook with that same title! "Apocalypse Cakes: Recipes For The End" is described as:

We are besieged with talks of crisis, meltdown, earthquakes, sink holes, global warming, bailouts, and more. Once you realize there's not a whole lot of time left, grab a Bundt pan and whip up your own scrumptious Fallen Angel Food Cake--or one of the other 29 apocalyptic cakes in this irreverent cookbook--and indulge in your final days.

Not exactly gaming or RPG or Mutant Future in nature, but it's about apocalyptic stuff, and it's about cakes, so I'll consider it appropriate fodder for today's birthday blog post. (And I'll pay my Joesky Tax with my next post.)


  1. PaulB from DetroitJune 16, 2013 at 12:29 PM

    Happy birthday to the Savage Afterworld -- Here's hoping for many more birthdays to come!

  2. Congrats and yes let there be many, many more to come!